Working with stone gives a sense of directly connecting with both landscape and time, and my work, which is figurative, is concerned with expressing the cycles of nature through the human form.


I am interested in the ways in which geological history reveals processes of transformation and metamorphosis over deep time. I am fascinated by the way these processes find a reflection in our own brief life cycles, suggesting a unity and universality of matter (…..tectonic plates shift at the same rate as the growth of our fingernails….).

I work mainly in limestone, and see a relationship between the deposits of organic life forms in sedimentary layers, their reshaping and reforming over vast timescales, with the accretion of years in our own lives and our personal and collective memories, both buried and resurfacing. Change and transformation shape the cycle of our lives, through the passage of years and seasons, the flux of moon and tides, the experience of loss and rebirth.

I use traditional hand tools – hammer and chisel, rasps and files – to allow for a direct and instinctive feel for the natural character of the stone I am carving. The sculpture emerges throughout the process of carving, which becomes a dialogue with the physical nature of the stone – bedding planes, texture, grain, colour, resistance.

Growing up in the Northern Fells I learned to love the look and feel of stone: its weight, texture and beauty, along with the sense of its great age. Working from my barn studio on the Solway estuary I find inspiration in this landscape of open skies and shifting tides.

Archaic Greek and Romanesque sculptural forms, in their simplicity and vitality, have been an important influence and inspiration in my work. 


Halecat House Garden, Sculpture exhibition, 2023

Carlisle Cathedral Fratry, 2023

Rydal Hall Sculpture exhibition, 2021

Halecat House Garden, Sculpture exhibition, 2021

Carlisle Cathedral Fratry, Chapter, 2021

Dennis Kilgallon Gallery, exhibition with painter Hazel Barron Cooper, 2020

Upfront Gallery, Open exhibition, 2020

Halecat House Garden, sculpture exhibition, 2020

McGill Duncan Gallery exhibition, 2019

Upfront Gallery Open Exhibition, 2018

McGill Duncan Gallery – 40 Artists 2018

Bellwood Wright Gallery, Flow, 2018

Lake Artists Summer Exhibition, 2018

Carlisle Cathedral: Art in the Fratry, 2017

Art at Rose Castle, group show, 2017

McGill Duncan Gallery: alongside Galloway Paintings exhibition, 2017

Lake Artists Summer Exhibition, 2017

Upfront Gallery, Time and Tide, exhibition with painter Alison Critchlow, 2016

Carlisle Cathedral, Tidings, solo exhibition, 2016

C-Art Cumbria Artist of the year exhibition, Gallery at Rheghed

Gallery Number Three, War and Peace, 2015

Red Barn Gallery, Larch Cottage 2015

McGill Duncan Gallery 2015

Mall Galleries London, Society of Women Artists: 145th exhibition, 2015

Lake Artists Summer Exhibition, 2015

Upfront Gallery Open Exhibition, 2014

C-ART Sculpture exhibition at Rheged 2014

Water Street Gallery Winter exhibition 2014

Water Street Gallery, Landmarks, 2013


Cumbria Life, Under the hammer, January 2015

Yorkshire Living, Natural beauty set in stone, October 2012